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How can we help you?

Private Puppy Prep

Puppy Preschool

Good Dog Manners

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Do you have a puppy or expecting a puppy very soon?


Need some guidance and advice?

Have you not been able to find a class to fit into?

Do you want private training to suit your needs?

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Is your puppy between 8-16 weeks of age?

Do you want a class on a weekend?

Would you like to have all your questions about toilet training, biting, chewing, jumping and more answered at our information session?

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Is your dog 5 months or over?

Have you done puppy preschool and look to enhance skills and develop new skills?

Do you have a rescue dog and wanting to learn all the basic skills that you need to know?

Do you need to work on skills such as lead walking, recall and being calm?

Is you dog struggling with working around distractions when out and about?

Training Sessions - Group of 2

Behavioural Consultations

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Would you like to do training in the comfort of your home?

Would you like a tailored training program to fit your needs?

Would you like your dog to brush up on some skills with distractions?

Is your dog puling on lead?

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Is you dog doing unwanted behaviours?

Is you dog not good around other dogs?

Does your dog have anxiety?

Is your dog barking alot?

Does your dog have fears or phobia you would like to get on top of?

The detail in Jess' information provided after session is great!


Jess was great explaining everything we needed to know about training our puppy Daisy. Having her come to our house was great so that we got one on one help in the areas that were needed.

- Kellie

Jess was incredibly helpful. She tailored my consultation specifically to my needs and was great at listening to my issues and responding usefully.


Thank you so much Jess for all your guidance in teaching Molly manners and good habits. The home visits were so good. You were so knowledgeable and patient it was easy to understand what I needed to do.