Puppy Preschool

This is where it all counts, as the little puppy you hold now, will hopefully grow to a well mannered, well socialised adult dog for the future.

Class consists of an information Session ( no puppies) + 4 practical sessions.


I will help you to teach your dog to:

  • Name Recognition

  • Eye contact 

  • Come when called

  • Begin socialisation with other dogs

  • Sit 

  • Lie down 

  • Stand

  • Follow your hand

  • Foundations of lead walking

  • Allow handling, grooming and restraint

  • Door Manners

  • Shake

  • Roll over

  • Basic health care

  • Socialisation

  • Understanding dog body language

  • Settling exercises

  • How dogs learn

  • Dog body language

  • Environmental enrichment

  • Management and strategies for problem puppy behaviours (e.g jumping, biting, toileting training, chewing)​

  • All payments for the course are expected up front before starting your training program.

  • All dogs must come on a flat collar/lead or body harness

  • All dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations (vaccination certificate verification required)

  • NO choke chains or halti’s can be used on this course

  • Please make sure you have also wormed and flea treated your dog prior to starting our training sessions.


You will also have PDF access to my Puppy Guide book and step-by-step guides on all training exercises learnt in our session for you to continue on with your training at home.

At the end of each session I do allow puppy play with the other puppies to have the chance to socialise under supervision​.

5 week course $180

Sneak peek of what we do in class!

Bruno practicing sit, drop and roll over

Hank practicing his shake