Senior Puppy Class

Perhaps your puppy missed preschool?


Were you puppy too old for puppy class?

Haven't had the chance to start training until now?

 Maybe you have a rescue dog? 

Just because your dog isn’t a little puppy anymore, doesn’t mean you no longer need to worry about training and socialisation. Yes, adolescent dogs have merged into a different stage of development and learning, but they can still present all the same problems you may experience with a puppy.


Our Senior Puppy Class is for dogs aged between 10 weeks- 18 weeks of age cover a period of  4  x  practical classes (weekly).

Senior Puppy Class is not about play with other dogs—we encourage and implement ways to strengthen the bond between owner and dog, resulting in a happier, harmonious relationship.

We never exceed 6 dogs per class as studies have shown that six is a normal dynamic range for a group of dogs to be in. Any more than this and the environment may become uncomfortable, causing inabilities to learn.

  • Sit

  • Drop

  • Focus

  • Name recognition

  • Stand

  • Go to mat

  • Loose lead walking

  • Wait/stay

  • Come when called (recall)

Owner Education
  • Distraction and settling techniques

  • Enrichment

  • Handling and grooming

  • Socialisation

  • Toilet training (if required),

  • Bite inhibition (if required)

  • Appropriate play for this age group

  • Understanding and managing normal behaviours for this age group.

  • All puppies must have had at-least two or more vaccinations before attending classes (certificate must be provided for verification)

  • Only TWO people per family is allowed (if you have siblings they will not be able to be in the same class)

  • All puppies must come on a flat collar/lead or body harness

  • NO choke chains or halti’s can be used on this course

  • Please make sure you have also wormed and flea treated your puppy prior to starting our training sessions.

  • Please bring with you a dog mat/ bed.

  • All adults/children training must wear closed in shoes such as trainers/boots etc

  • Treats will be provided for training but please feel free to bring along you own treats if you would prefer.

NOTE- If your puppy has already attended a puppy preschool, I would recommend joining the Good Dog Manners class once our puppy is old enough. This class is a beginning class and covers basic training skills.

Total cost $190